Introducing Our Mini Horses: The Great Pumpkin Patch

Introducing Our Mini Horses: The Great Pumpkin Patch

In the spirit of pumpkin patches, hay rides and Halloween costumes, we’re celebrating here at the farm.

Mini Horse in Costume

Halloween, being one of our favorite holidays, is a time to enjoy sweets, like our bubblegum, bob for apples and yes, even dress up the horses. The best thing is… they love it! Meet Peanut, Chiquita and Chocolate, even at their young ages, they’ve had their fair share of costumes. From the time I first brought them home in my minivan, they’ve had a hat, sash, or cape on a few times a year. Of course I would never push them to do dress up so the fact that they’re willing to trade an apple for a witch hat adds to the festivities!

This year, we carved our pumpkin patch at night to really let our jack-o’-lanterns glow! Everyone was in costume and excited for the fun. Chiquita struts by Chocolate’s stall each night since she’s arrived so we knew they had to dress up together. In true Chiquita fashion she started to nibble at Chocolate’s hair piece just to get his attention. My life on the farm brings me many pleasures but few compare to the happiness my horses bring. It was a wonderful start to the holiday season and the horses are just another reason I will be extra thankful come Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite way to include your pets at the holidays? Are they as happy as our minis and dwarves to join in the fun? Enjoy more snapshots of our life at The City Farm below… stay tuned for more!

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    • The City Farm
      The City Farm says:

      Hi Deitre – Thank you for reading our blog. These little ones are all rescues and are not for sale. They require extra special love and care since it’s common for them to have quite a few health problems due to their abnormalities including special shoes, diets, and medicines.


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