California Cows love…cheese. Just kidding.

For many years Studio Animal Services supplied the cows for the numerous and humorous California Cheese commercials.  They were always fun jobs.  We nearly always shot up in central California around the area of Petaluma.  There’s a slightly better chance of green-er grass up there compared to down here where it tends to be dry and crispy!

We would truck up there in convoy, horse trailers full of cows and horses and sometimes we had adorable calfs for a few of the spots.

A lot of the times the cows just had to stand there.  sometimes they had to run and sometimes…they stood on my foot!  Not advisable by the way.  It bloody hurts!

How to make a cow run.  Have a bucket of grain.  Look silly while running.  Don’t fall over.  Don’t be the slowest runner, always be in front of the guy with the grain. Ha!

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  1. Carla
    Carla says:

    Holsteins! Or we sometimes tell our dogs, they are oversize rat terriers.
    Looks like the temps warmed up as the day went on.
    Do you work for/with Studio Animal Services?
    Did you adopt the dog at the animal shelter? (i’m not on twitter but i see your feed on the side bar.)
    Had a great time working with Oneheart Equestrian therapy this week! After helping with the therapy driving class, we ground drove a mini named Peanut, and then gave a riding lesson to a Fjord named Petunia. Always something new!
    Have a good Friday/weekend! Any big plans?

    • sue
      sue says:

      Hi Carla, yes I have worked for Studio Animal Services for 19 years as an animal trainer. I’m currently in Hawaii working on a movie for five weeks. Big firework display on the beach on the 4th! Yes, I adopted a three legged dog. I called him Dennis Hopper. I am going to train him to be a therapy dog for the veterans. I will do some posts on him in the future I’m sure. Have a happy 4th!!

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    Hope you have had time to enjoy Hawaii. I’ll have to be on the lookout for the movie.
    We had fireworks display tonite in my hometown.
    Therapy animals are great. I have helped out with an equine therapy group, and it amazing what those horses can do for people.
    I will look forward to hearing more about Dennis Hopper, and maybe a pic or two. It is a good thing the two of you are doing!


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