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National Gingersnap Day

Happy National Gingersnap Day! In honor of this day, I’m spotlighting gingersnap cookies–a heavenly creation of crunch, spice, and chew. Their origin lies in England and Germany, but how did the name come about? Do gingersnaps snap? I’m convinced there is a faint sounding snap when you break them in half. Perhaps they are named […]

Summer Soiree

Sometimes there is nothing better than to watch a talented bartender craft the perfect mojito, gently crushing the mint to release the right amount of flavor. If you’re lucky, a mortar & pestle is involved, making you feel you’re handed a beneficial elixir from an apothecary of yore. In Biblical references, an apothecary referred to […]

Ripen your avocados, today!

For me, food is fun. Avocados, a new favorite of mine have also become subject to my food experimentation’s. I use them in smoothies (right? Forget the Kale—an avocado still makes your smoothie green, and it tastes a lot better. Don’t get me wrong—Kale absolutely has its place in my cookbook.) baked goods, puddings, soups, […]

National Splurge Day

Today is the day to indulge! Internal guilt comes to a halt, flies out the window and new purchase bliss overcomes all hesitation. Can we make this moment last forever? Well, we can make it last for at least today, June 18—National Splurge Day! Whether you splurge on yourself, your family, guests, or home, let […]

Enjoy: Avocado Honey

As City Farm’s avocado groves give us endless California Hass Avocados, avocado trees also give an equally sweet gift, and I’m not talking about guacamole! We are proud to announce the debut of our newest City Farm exclusive, 16 ounces of California harvested Avocado Honey. This  honey has a place in my heart and in […]

All Hail Avocados!

As one of City Farm’s defining features, our 2,000 tree avocado orchards supply us with thousands of pounds of California Hass avocados each year. Avocados can be store bought year-round, however their season and City Farms best avocados are ripest from May through late summer. Our dinner recipes have been filled with avocado infused courses. […]

Caffeinate with City Farm Cappuccino Cups

Mornings are my absolute favorite time of day. Full of renewal and fresh starts, it only seems right I begin mine with some caffeine–espresso in these little darlings sounds right!  I found these tumblers when visiting the Maison D’ Objet show in January. I remember walking by the booth and did a double take–were these […]

Spring Shopping

It might be our April newsletter than just went out, but I’ve got shopping on the mind. My taste both city and farm, I have to highlight one of our newest products in addition to the three April features, the ‘Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate’ sign. Not too long ago I was designing T-shirts with […]

Enjoy: Easter

One of the sweetest times of year to spend with family, friends and some little yellow peeps, I love Easter. This year at The City Farm we decided to enjoy our Easter with each other by creating an imaginative twist on Easter desserts! Based on a traditional chocolate pudding recipe, we infused our signature with […]

Enjoy: Sweet Friday Delight

Keeping my Friday tradition, the City Farm went sweet this week; marshmallows, to be exact! We decided to have a little fun in the kitchen in celebration of sending out our first monthly newsletter (join us on the homepage if you haven’t received yours!) with featured products for the month of March. April’s products may […]

Enjoy: Avocados

I have this silly tradition of starting and ending my week with one favorite treat; I like to enjoy my food! While watching what I eat is an equal concern, I came across this article today and it brought great comfort to one of my guilty  pleasures, homemade chips and guacamole. Courtesy of the examiner.com […]

Enjoy: British Travel

Maybe it’s that cozy winter feeling, but the grey overcast today (my secret favorite) has me itching for other cold cities; London, to be exact. One of our dear friends just returned from a trip there and she was gracious enough to share some of her behind the scenes pictures with me. Naturally, I have […]

Enjoy: Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or single; today is about spreading the love. In making my own gifts, I wanted to share my favorite handmade Valentine Idea with you, courtesy of Spoonful.com. You’re never too old for hand-crafted Valentine’s. To create these beautiful flowers, gather colorful construction paper, scissors, a glue […]

Enjoy: Change, Today

Inspired by Gandhi’s above quote and today’s trending tweet of #changestuff, I was curious–what’s the change about? After browsing I quickly realized no ‘one’ event signified the trend (unlike the Super Bowl of course, which generated an overwhelming amount of trending tweets), but it gave us a chance to voice our change, what we want to change […]

City Farm, Parisian style

While I absolutely love the California sunshine, sometimes it’s hard to compete with the French elegance that is Paris, even if it was 30 degrees..for 7 days straight.      We just returned home from attending the Maison D’ Objet Trade Show in Paris, full of inspiration and creative products.  My favorite part of our […]

Avocado Honey: Our City Farm Exclusive

Some of the best meals in the country are still found in off-the-beaten-path roadside diners.  Tastes and textures that can never be duplicated have often been discovered at the end of a road-weary day.  A home-made tamale here, a juicy burger there, the creamiest Mac-and-Cheese ever, or a gooey, buttery, caramel at that tiny candy store, whose […]

A Night Out: Silver Beauty for your Evening Bag

Originally designed to hold calling cards, our Antique English Sterling Silver card cases make beautiful gifts for a special someone. Great for business cards, credit cards or money these one-of-a-kind cases are quite the gift to give this season. We only have three, shop them here: https://thecityfarm.com/product-category/shop-vintage/ Feel the City Farm elegance with this in your […]

A Cute Cover for the Rainy Season!

Here’s A cute cover for the rainy season! “It’s raining cats and dogs” almost applies. However, in our case, it’s raining dogs, and more dogs! Measuring 36″ in diameter when open, our pet umbrellas make walking on a rainy day a pleasant event. With the rubberized handle that’s much easier to hold, you can walk your […]